When The World Blows Up, I Hope To Go Down Dancing


4K video, single channel, 16:9, 44min, edition of 5+AP

The work is a documentation of the sessions I organised with women after their 40 in Gdansk (Poland) while I was at the residency at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. Through an open call, I invited the women to a studio for a freestyle dancing with me with their favourite songs in front of a camera. By doing that, I wanted to offer them a chance to move freely in front of green screen, which is a cinematic symbol of possibilities, by forgetting for a moment who they are, what they supposed to be and role to fill, but being empowered in their free dance. Using this method for myself for many years, I wanted to share it with other women. By producing a video as the final outcome of this work, I also wanted to give visibility of women after 40, who tend to disappear from a public imagery because of their age. 

The title of the work is a quote from the movie ‘Gloria Bell’ (Lelio, 2018), in which the protagonist summarises a conversation about the looming our dark future with the words: “When the world blows up, I hope to go down dancing”.