About What kind of fame you have


Extract from the video.
Full video: 5:36 min, stereo, split screen.

The video is an exploration of the ideas around how the rooted and preserved traditions could affect the women nowadays and if there is a possibility for the reconnection between past and present. She sets an one-off experiment with a Latvian local community of ‘suiti’ women who have an unique quality to sing ‘drone gossips’ as part of their preserved traditions and invites today’s women to them for singing about them. The improvisation of what ‘suiti’ women sing about today’s ones happen special for the camera and the reactions are not rehearsed. The impossibility of today’s women to respond on the ‘drone gossips’ about them in the same way arises questions around the impossibility to preserve traditions since the time passes and the relevance of the old traditions to nowadays culture.

The video was produced during the workshop run by Jim Goldberg (USA) at International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) in Latvia.