About The Bright Way

In this two-screen video piece, Maria Kapajeva juxtaposes iconic scenes from the Soviet film ‘The Bright Way’ (1940, directed by Grigori Aleksandrov) and re-enactments of these scenes carried out in the abandoned territory of Krenholm, a closed textile mill in Estonia. On the left, we see Ljubov Orlova, the brightest star of Stalinist era cinema in the role of a stachanovite, love-seeking weaver, and on the right the young Estonian dance artist Maarja Tõnisson in the production spaces and courtyard of Krenholm. Leaving audible the artist’s instructions from behind the camera to the dancer in front of the camera, Kapajeva makes the viewer aware of the manipulative mechanisms behind every artwork – and not only behind the socialist realist film classics – by not letting her or him fall under the influence of the piece even for a moment. ‘The March of Enthusiasts’, sung by Ljubov Orlova in the famous scene of the looms in the film, inspired the artist for the title of the exhibition ‘The Dream Is Wonderful, Yet Unclear’.

split screen or 2 screen projection. 4k, 16:9, stereo sound, 10 min. subtitled.