About Test Shooting

2016, 18 min

HD, 16:9, single screen, subtitled.

It is an experimental video, which was shot in one go with no a prior rehearsal. An unprofessional model followed my instructions I have been reading to him from behind the camera. The instruction have been found and then translated to English (from Russian) on matrimonial websites specially created for Russian women to find a Western husbands. The instruction target websites’ female users only and provide them with details of what are the best ways to present themselves on the profile photographs. There is no instructions were found for men on any of these many websites. With this video, I wanted to test an absurdity and stereotyped imagery of presentation on female sexuality and attractiveness by asking a man to follow these instructions in a way he understands them. The video was planned as a test shooting but at the later stage of the editing was decided to be used as the final piece.