About Stories of your Krenholm

This is a first installation of a new archival project I have started back to my hometown in Estonia, Narva. From the last year I have started to collect digital copies of the photographs from family albums of former workers of textile manufacture ‘Krenholm’ as well interviewing them about their work experience. The mill was a town-forming enterprise during the last 150 years but was closed in 2008. With its closure, a big part of the history is about to disappear. Using my personal connection to the town and the mill (both my parents used to work there), I intend to create an digital archive of stories and images about the mill for the further art projects, exhibitions and publications I will develop. The project became possible with help of University of Tartu Narva College.

The presented installation at one of the abandoned factories is organised together with Narva Museum as part of their guided tours around the manufacture.