About Mapping My Mother

Acrylic, site-specific work on the wall, 2016-ongoing

For this site specific work I use one of the designs created by my mother, a textile designer, during her years of working at the mill. By stamping a selected floral pattern, I try to turn a wall into something remarkable and memorable. The work is an ongoing project and travels with me all over the world. I recreate my mother’s designs at various walls in different places and countries, where I find the work would resonate with the place and its history.

At Latvian Museum of Photography, I connected through colours of the wall with the old wallpaper left in the space as reminder of the building histories. I stamped my mom’s design in gold to create a new temporal wallpaper in the space.

In Narva Art Residency (2017) the shape of the flaked paint on the wall reminded me a map of some kind of imaginary or real country, which I have filled with my mother’s forgotten design.

In Happspace in Lithuania (2017), I interfered a found old printed wallpaper design with my mother’s one creating a conversation between those two.