About Krenholm: work in progress

The images are an installation of my work in progress I have being developing at Narva Art Residency on summer 2016. 

I have started to develop two years ago and it deals with social heritage of a bankrupted textile mill in my hometown in Estonia. The mill prospered for 150 years with 12,000 workers at its best times (a third of the town’s working population). Its bankruptcy in 2008 was mostly caused by political and economical changes that the country went through since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and a new capitalistic approach to economy. The mill workers gave the best time of their lives (as well as their health) to the enterprise, but their stories have never been heard. In 2014 I recorded 30 interviews with former workers and collected about 600 digital copies of the photographs from their family albums. They all became a basis for a new work and inspired me on various pieces I am working on. Using the Estonian mill as a sample, I am interested in questions of transitional times, formation of personal and collective memories by the conditions people (mostly women) were forced to be in and how they find the ways to adapt or not to new present and upcoming future.

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