About I Am Usual Woman

Quilt is stitched with a pattern called Double Wedding Rings. The pattern was traditionally used for a trousseau quilt made by bride’s female relatives. The used photographs were found on the matrimonial websites specially created for Russian women to find a Western husband. The images for the quilt are carefully selected from the ones which were shown on these websites as ‘the best samples’ of how women should be photographed for the best matchmaking. This work is continuation of my artistic investigation on women’s role in cross-cultural marriage and fantasies the Russian women as well as Western men have about the women’s’ role in it. I am interested to question the relevance of traditions and old values nowadays taking into consideration the new opportunities the globalization can offer.

Unique piece, 170×170 cm.

The quilt is accompanied by cushions produced in the same technique. Edition of 10+2AP.