About Failed rapport

Framed drawing 30x40cm

This drawing was created by me when I was a child. Being inspired by my mother I tried to create my own fabric rapport (a repetitive pattern) while I was dreaming of becoming a textile designer as my mother. This design carries the desires of its time: the Western characters, new heroes of Soviet children, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, which were just entering these territories as the first symbols of new era of market economy. Dreaming of the fabric with my own print, I got a refusal from my mother to submit it to the mill for consideration. Failed rapport is not just about an refused design but also about misunderstanding (non-rapport) between mother and daughter, about conflict of interests between Western ideology and Soviet censorship, about failed dreams and nostalgia formed from them.

In 2017 for my solo exhibition I decided to break this failure circle and print this design on fabric as it is. I stitched a skirt and wore it at the opening making my own dreams come true.