About Exhibition installation: Latvia 2019

Latvian Museum of Photography
Riga, Latvia
May 15 – June 30, 2019

The body of work is based on my research and interviews I did with a community of the closed textile mill back to my home town in Estonia. Both of my parents used to work at that mill also. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from lyrics of ‘March of Enthusiasts’, written for a Soviet film ‘The Bright Way’ (1940), where protagonist, a weaver, made her journey from a peasant to a stakhanovite. The song became a hit during the Stalinist era. Although, this line from the song lately was censored and changed due to a sound doubt in the word ‘unclear’.

The installation in Riga has a few site and location specific features.

– The work ‘Mapping My Mother’ was printed in gold on one of the walls. The colour of the background for this work was selected based on the colours of the hand-painted wallpapers on the next wall, which were preserved to demonstrate a history of the museum building as a living house.

– One of the images from the museum archive was part of the exhibition (a photo of a female textile worker) as link with the local industrial histories.