About Dream is (un)clear

This light installation stating in Russian ‘dream is (un)clear’ with the blinking prefix ‘un’ was inspired by a soundtrack for the film ‘The Bright Way’ (1940). The song ‘March of Enthusiasts’, with Isaac Dunayevsky’s music and Anatoly D’Actile’s lyrics, was originally written for the key scene of Grigori Aleksandrov’s musical film, where a simple village girl has become a leading Soviet textile worker. When the film song later became popular through radio and orchestra performances, one line in lyrics (‘dream is wonderful, yet unclear) was rewritten to suit better the Soviet ideology replacing the hesitance of an unclearance with an undoubted positive statement. The flickering light installation, in which the dream is once clear, once unclear, embraces the hesitation and fluctuation between vision and reality characteristic to all dreams, be they big or small.